We have extensive experience in cleaning offices. Our offer includes a one-time cleaning and regular service such as: once, three times, five times a week. Cleaning works is organized in accordance with the Customer’s requirement. Operation hours are tailored to customer’s needs. In addition to the basic cleaning work we offer laundry, carpet and windows cleaning. On request, we can provide daily service of staff meetings and conferences. We provide equipment and cleaning agents for the service. If requested, we supply the office with the necessary hygiene products, such as toilet paper, soap, paper towels and air fresheners. Clean office is a showcase of each company. We will take care of it. The frequency and range of service is set individually, so if you have questions please:


We inviting to cooperate the Community Housing, Cooperatives and Administrators settlements. We clean buildings and their surroundings. In blocks of flats we wash stairwells, elevators, windows, etc. Outside of the building, we remove garbage, leaves, snow and ice. We take care of green areas: cutting grass and watering plants, trimming bushes. At the request of clients we provide professional gardening services (arrangement of greenery, tree pruning, planting, planting lawns). We use professional equipment to wash underground car parks. We make sure that our estates are clean, neat and tidy. The frequency and range of service is set individually, so if you have questions please:


We have worked with large construction corporations , smaller companies and individuals .We clean apartments, offices , stores , blocks, shopping malls and warehouses .We are able to deal with removal stains of paint , glue, silicone . Upon request of the customers can clean during construction or after completion . The result of our efforts is a clean, ready-to- use object.

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We use two methods of washing carpets and car’s fabric: wet and dry.

Dry extraction, wet wash, is the most popular and effective method of removing dirt from carpets. It is done in several stages. Before washing, we check the type of material of which is made lining (raw natural or synthetic), we assess condition (wear and dirt) and we choose proportions and type of chemistry. Then we prepare the room. We remove light furniture, chairs and other disturbing objects, which after washing put back at its place. Thoroughly vacuuming the carpet and spot-remove stains. After this spraying preparation, which initially dissolves dirt. After a few minutes, we mechanically rub in preparation fleece lining and finally rinse. After drying (24-48 hours) carpet is clean, fragrant and ready for use. After washing, on request, we can perform impregnation carpet, or its protection against re-soiling.
Dry cleaning is a method particularly suitable for velour carpet in hotels, restaurants, movie theaters and anywhere where there is no possibility of exclusion from the use of part-washed for 24-48 hours (drying time). For dry cleaning use chips, which rub the fleece lining and then vacuuming special machine high strength absorption while combing the fiber carpeting. With this method, we can walk on the carpet immediately after finished cleaning.


Fast and professional windows, glazing, shop windows and facades service. We wash after regular use, and after repair and construction. Glass and frames cleaning from ordinary dirt we also remove the stickers, protective film, paint, plaster, plaster and glue. Windows, glazing and facades wash the traditional way, using a ladder or lift and scaffold

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  • Clean up warehouses, shops, schools , restaurants

  • Carry out the renovation of floors of marble and granite (cut , crystallization)

  • Carry out the polymerization / acrylic, carpeted floors covered with PVC , linoleum , rubber and Tarkett

  • Machine wash garages / halls

  • Clean up during and after events

  • Thorough cleaning kitchens in restaurants

  • Removing snow from roofs

  • Snow removal parking

  • We clean attics and basements .

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